DIYA which encourages the youth is that they would face difficulties of life bravely and properly. LSBE has proved that it is a great learning method because it is based on collective work and activities. This program has not only to be learnt through personal experiences and practical educational but also it is based on participatory activities. Through LSBE the youth can get knowledge, expertise and adopt habits so that they could change their behavior according to it.

We trained volunteers from 30 schools, who then provided awareness sessions to more than 7000 students male and female. We told those students that how to live a prosper life and what should be principles to lead a healthy life. Beside these, children were also educated in LSBE about human rights, effective communication and coordination, gender equality, sexual reproductive health right (SRHR), self development, growth and changes, decision-making, hazardous things for health, youth and family, child and maternal health, hepatitis and HIV / Aids  and other things.

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