DIYA’s Vision:

A progressive society based on socio-economic stability where every individual especially a poor feels comfortable to exercise his/her fundamental rights including empowerment of youth in Pakistan.

DIYA’s Mission Statement:

To be the voice of the people which advocates the access to fundamental rights i.e. quality education based on gender-equality, justice, peace, health, youth development and other facilities.


  • To reduce poverty and illiteracy through awareness and advocacy.
  • To organize youth into groups and build their capacity so that they can play a vital role as “Change makers” for bringing sustainable development in their communities.
  • To introduce culture of respect, compromise, peace and harmony.
  • To serve as a resource centre for youth-led and or focused organizations and provide them a platform for networking and resource sharing.
  • Promoting and protecting human rights, focusing on women and children in Pakistan.

DIYA’s Strategies: 

DIYA works in partnership at grass-root level in Pakistan especially in Sindh province to develop effective bottom-up strategies. We have discovered three critical elements that, when combined, empower people to make rapid progress in overcoming illiteracy and poverty:

  • Training and Capacity Building.
  • Empowering women and youth as key change agents.
  • Supporting local government in achieving basic human rights like education, health, child protection and women rights.