One is not born a citizen, it is a task to become one task that requires informed and deliberate effort, and it’s a lengthy learning process which continues to be a struggle in our country. For any society to be viable, it must depend on the abilities and knowledge of its citizens who are conscious of their roles, responsibilities and status as an individual.

We are faced with a number of conflict situations, and there is crisis of democracy especially in terms of election struggles such as low voter turnout, which is critical to the economic as well as social development and sustainable peace in the country. To help change this narrative, we work on strengthening and promoting independent and politically active civil society across Pakistan, while observing our valuable customs and traditions.

It is imperative that every citizen possesses the knowledge of the nation’s institutions, and an awareness that the rule of law applies to every situation, every individual, and every society. Taking this into account, our work involves informing people that as citizens, they are entitled to civil and political rights recognized by Pakistan’s constitution. We train and educate people to inculcate respect and recognition, and combat discrimination ­ may it be gender based, religious or any other. The aim is to foster a spirit of tolerance and peace among citizens of Pakistan.

By helping protect the basic rights of citizens, we are playing our part in preventing conflict and spurring economic growth to advance our country’s prosperity in the long run, or any other. The aim is to foster a spirit of tolerance and peace among citizens of Pakistan.

We are focused on:

  • Building capacity by equipping people with a range of skills such as effective communication, advocacy, leadership skills, and spirit of volunteering, fundraising and networking skills.
  • Encouraging young individuals to share their perspective and opinions with policy makers through neutral platforms and encouraging exchange of views by being tolerant and open towards opposing ideas.
  • Assisting young people in addressing their local issues and coming up with tailor-made solutions to help their communities.

Due to these efforts, we have achieved:

  • Conducted 2 trainings on Peace and Interfaith Harmony, and trained a batch of 30 youth facilitators. During these trainings, the facilitators were provided an understanding of peace and interfaith harmony. 16 Peace Action Projects in of Sindh, reaching about 1470 young people impacting in the community through Peace Action Projects.
  • Exposure to 30 youth of Sukkur and Khairpur to latest economic, political, cultural, Religious and social ideas. They engaged in dialogue with thought religious leaders and experts of their respective fields and executed, reaching about 100 young people directly.
  • Over 1100 active U­-Reporters in locality who have signed up on the U­-Report SMS platform and regularly respond to poll questions. Their responses identify challenges in service delivery and reduce the distance between young citizens and their governments to ensure appropriate responses are policies are put in place.
  • A linkage between civil society, community leaders and networks of young people and civil society in Pakistan through World Interfaith Harmony Weak social action project. The idea was to deepen trust and understanding within and between communities.